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Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

If you've been wondering why I haven't been giving many updates or sneak peaks on my newest release, Shelly Goes to Massachusetts, it's because my newsletter has been getting them! Anyone on my email list gets about 1 email a week and they've been including sneak peaks, giveaways, and updates. Be sure to join so… Continue reading Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

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4 months since breaking my wrist

I can't believe it's already been 4 months since I broke my wrist. I had learned 5 things in just over a week after my injury, so imagine all the things I've learned since then! If you don't know, mid-July I broke my wrist playing volleyball practicing for a tournament. I broke my radius (thumb… Continue reading 4 months since breaking my wrist

2022 HCPP

2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project!

Last year I initiated a project making homeless care packages to give out to people on the streets in Connecticut. I raised almost $1500, made 48 backpacks, and supported 2 charities in addition to handing bags out. I received a lot of positive feedback and participation, so I'm ecstatic that we are BACK for Year… Continue reading 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project!

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 3: Art, Fields, and Views!

Nowadays I don’t get as many steps in as I’d like to and given that I walked nearly 9 miles yesterday, my body is feeling it. However, it was blissful to be able to somewhat sleep in (until 8am) after such a long day. Today wasn’t as packed full of things to do as yesterday,… Continue reading Day 3: Art, Fields, and Views!

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 2: Bean There, Done That

After about 5 hours of sleep, I was up and at ‘em getting ready to take on downtown Chicago! I was hoping to be getting to Cloud Gate aka The Bean early morning/sunrise to try and beat the crowd, but did not account for a one hour commute to the city via public transit so… Continue reading Day 2: Bean There, Done That

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Shelly’s Next Adventure Is…

I recently announced to my Instagram that Shelly, the young girl from two of my children's books, was going on her next adventure! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I published my first book Shelly Goes to Summer Camp in December 2020. Shelly goes to a sleepaway camp for the first time… Continue reading Shelly’s Next Adventure Is…

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Drysol Antiperspirant + My Experience

A brand reached out to me on Instagram months ago asking if I would be interested in trying out their anti-perspirant lotions for hands, feet, and thighs. I, as someone who most definitely sweats, completely agreed. Long story short, after 2 months of using it daily (they do say twice a day), it unfortunately didn't… Continue reading Drysol Antiperspirant + My Experience

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5 things I learned after breaking my wrist as an adult

Not gonna lie, of all the injuries I ever thought or would’ve seen myself getting from volleyball, I have to say a broken wrist was never one. Especially two days before I was supposed to play in, what I would call, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in a tournament as a hitter. I say once… Continue reading 5 things I learned after breaking my wrist as an adult

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New Year, New… Book?

You read that right!! New year brings new things, and one of them is a New Book! It's okay to be You will be published on February 16, 2022. This book isn't part of my Shelly series but still good to have nonetheless 😉 In society, stereotypes are everywhere. Boys can be this, and girls… Continue reading New Year, New… Book?

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I’m a Finalist!!

About 7 months ago, I dropped the best video of my existence (in my opinion anyways) - The R Word. If you've been following, you know sometimes I write about more controversial topics, but this was next level. Not only is it "controversial", but it was my first spoken word performance. While I've always been… Continue reading I’m a Finalist!!