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Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

If you've been wondering why I haven't been giving many updates or sneak peaks on my newest release, Shelly Goes to Massachusetts, it's because my newsletter has been getting them! Anyone on my email list gets about 1 email a week and they've been including sneak peaks, giveaways, and updates. Be sure to join so… Continue reading Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 4: My last day in Chicago

My flight isn’t until this evening so I’m headed downtown to see if I can hang out at Riverwalk. It’s pretty much the only thing I haven’t gotten to see yet that I wanted to, and that’s probably all I will have time for today anyways. There’s a bus at 9:12 coming so I wake… Continue reading Day 4: My last day in Chicago

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 3: Art, Fields, and Views!

Nowadays I don’t get as many steps in as I’d like to and given that I walked nearly 9 miles yesterday, my body is feeling it. However, it was blissful to be able to somewhat sleep in (until 8am) after such a long day. Today wasn’t as packed full of things to do as yesterday,… Continue reading Day 3: Art, Fields, and Views!

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 2: Bean There, Done That

After about 5 hours of sleep, I was up and at ‘em getting ready to take on downtown Chicago! I was hoping to be getting to Cloud Gate aka The Bean early morning/sunrise to try and beat the crowd, but did not account for a one hour commute to the city via public transit so… Continue reading Day 2: Bean There, Done That

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 1: Nervous, but ready to go!

We’re back for this years New Year New Place trip, and this time, we’re going to Chicago! If you don’t know what New Year New Place is, I made a goal when I was 20 to try and go somewhere new each year. So far I’ve done it every year since, and I always blog… Continue reading Day 1: Nervous, but ready to go!

Book Stuff!

Shelly’s Next Adventure Is…

I recently announced to my Instagram that Shelly, the young girl from two of my children's books, was going on her next adventure! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I published my first book Shelly Goes to Summer Camp in December 2020. Shelly goes to a sleepaway camp for the first time… Continue reading Shelly’s Next Adventure Is…

2021 Georgia Trip

Day 2: The Fun Stuff

Once we woke up this morning, we were on our way to the Georgia Aquarium - after stopping at Dunkin of course. If you read my blog yesterday, you know this was the #1 thing I was looking forward to - and I was so excited! I am the kind of person who thinks going… Continue reading Day 2: The Fun Stuff

Life Updates

Make the Move!

If you've been wanting a sign, here it is : MAKE THE MOVE! If you know me personally, or have been a reader of my blog, you know I relocated from Florida to Connecticut a few months after I graduated college. Aside from my little 6-month recap, I haven't given any update since! Can you… Continue reading Make the Move!

Book Stuff!, Life Updates

In case you missed it…

For those of you who don't follow me on social media, you may have missed the exciting news!! Shelly, the main character from Shelly Goes to Summer Camp, is on her next adventure -- this time, to Washington, D.C.! She'll be sightseeing all over The Capitol with her good friend, Coco, while he teaches her… Continue reading In case you missed it…

2020 Rhode Island Trip

Day 3: Welcome to My Crib

Our original plan was to leave earlier in the morning to head into Newport to make sure we had enough time to do whatever we wanted to do. However, with a king size bed and a nice cold, dark room, it was extremely hard to get up this morning. Knowing that the last two days… Continue reading Day 3: Welcome to My Crib