SUCCESS! 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project

Just over 3 months since I initially announced our 2nd Annual Project, and just over a month after I posted our halfway update, I am back with our final wrap up! If you don't know what the HCPP is, it is an annual project that I started in 2021. I fundraise money via social media… Continue reading SUCCESS! 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project

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Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

If you've been wondering why I haven't been giving many updates or sneak peaks on my newest release, Shelly Goes to Massachusetts, it's because my newsletter has been getting them! Anyone on my email list gets about 1 email a week and they've been including sneak peaks, giveaways, and updates. Be sure to join so… Continue reading Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

2022 HCPP

2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project!

Last year I initiated a project making homeless care packages to give out to people on the streets in Connecticut. I raised almost $1500, made 48 backpacks, and supported 2 charities in addition to handing bags out. I received a lot of positive feedback and participation, so I'm ecstatic that we are BACK for Year… Continue reading 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project!

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 4: My last day in Chicago

My flight isn’t until this evening so I’m headed downtown to see if I can hang out at Riverwalk. It’s pretty much the only thing I haven’t gotten to see yet that I wanted to, and that’s probably all I will have time for today anyways. There’s a bus at 9:12 coming so I wake… Continue reading Day 4: My last day in Chicago

2022 Chicago Trip

Day 1: Nervous, but ready to go!

We’re back for this years New Year New Place trip, and this time, we’re going to Chicago! If you don’t know what New Year New Place is, I made a goal when I was 20 to try and go somewhere new each year. So far I’ve done it every year since, and I always blog… Continue reading Day 1: Nervous, but ready to go!

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5 things I learned after breaking my wrist as an adult

Not gonna lie, of all the injuries I ever thought or would’ve seen myself getting from volleyball, I have to say a broken wrist was never one. Especially two days before I was supposed to play in, what I would call, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in a tournament as a hitter. I say once… Continue reading 5 things I learned after breaking my wrist as an adult


Happy Women’s History Month!

March is Women's History Month, which is a great time to talk about some badass women who have made a difference in the world. There won't ever be enough time in the world to mention everyone, but here are some of my favorites 🙂 The OG's who stood up (or sat down) for what's right… Continue reading Happy Women’s History Month!

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New Year, New… Book?

You read that right!! New year brings new things, and one of them is a New Book! It's okay to be You will be published on February 16, 2022. This book isn't part of my Shelly series but still good to have nonetheless 😉 In society, stereotypes are everywhere. Boys can be this, and girls… Continue reading New Year, New… Book?

2021 HCPP

SUCCESS! Homeless Care Package Project

If you follow me on Instagram, Tiktok, or saw one of my recent blog posts, you know I created a project for myself this holiday season. My goal was to create 48 care packages (since that's just how the quantities ended up) that would equal about $30 each. To accomplish this goal, I estimated I… Continue reading SUCCESS! Homeless Care Package Project


My Body My Choice

It isn't just for when it fits your argument. I've been debating for a while now on writing/posting this, but I'm never one to back down from a challenge, or to steer away from uncomfortable conversations. This one especially, as I can't believe it's 2021, and we're still talking about it. Buckle up because this… Continue reading My Body My Choice