SUCCESS! 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project

Just over 3 months since I initially announced our 2nd Annual Project, and just over a month after I posted our halfway update, I am back with our final wrap up! If you don't know what the HCPP is, it is an annual project that I started in 2021. I fundraise money via social media… Continue reading SUCCESS! 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project

2022 HCPP

Halfway through HCPP #2

Just over 2 months ago, I posted about our 2nd Annual Homeless Care Package Project starting November 1st. We're about a month into our project, so I'm here with an update! This year has definitely been different than last year I will say. However, it's awesome to be able to see the evolution. Some differences… Continue reading Halfway through HCPP #2