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Shelly Goes to Massachusetts Releases Soon!

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been giving many updates or sneak peaks on my newest release, Shelly Goes to Massachusetts, it’s because my newsletter has been getting them! Anyone on my email list gets about 1 email a week and they’ve been including sneak peaks, giveaways, and updates. Be sure to join so you don’t miss out on any book-related updates!

I didn’t want to leave you out, though, in case you haven’t heard any updates. In only 5 DAYS, Shelly and Coco will be on their way to Massachusetts to visit Plymouth Rock, walk the Freedom Trail, and witness the Boston Tea Party! I’m so excited for this book to be in the hands of (hopefully many) readers.

I feel like I’ve said this about every new book of mine, but this one truly is my favorite so far. I’m not sure if it’s obvious to readers of my books, but I can so clearly see the evolution from my first book (Shelly Goes to Summer Camp) to this book now. The illustrations are better, the story is better, and I hope this trend continues. I’ve given you a few sneak peeks below, so check them out. No words, so you’ll have to get your book to read those 😉

The book officially releases on Wednesday, January 18th! You can preorder a Kindle copy on Amazon to be auto-delivered to your device on the 18th or preorder your paperback copy on my site. I’ve already received my copies of the book so if you order now, you have a high chance of receiving it before it officially releases! Not only that, but when you order books directly through me or my site you get:

  • The book signed by mwah!
  • Exclusive Shelly + Coco stickers
  • Activity worksheet to go along with the book

To ensure you don’t miss out on any book-related updates/things, be sure to subscribe to my email list.

Can’t wait for you to read my newest book soon! Until next time ❤

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