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Shelly’s Next Adventure Is…

I recently announced to my Instagram that Shelly, the young girl from two of my children’s books, was going on her next adventure!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I published my first book Shelly Goes to Summer Camp in December 2020. Shelly goes to a sleepaway camp for the first time and has quite the experience considering she has no friends and has never been away from home. She ends up meeting Coco, and they become the best of friends!

Shelly Goes to The Capitol is a continuance of that relationship and the 2nd book in The Adventures of Shelly and Coco series. They travel to Washington DC together, sightseeing museums and learning some history along the way! The book is both adventurous and educational because, as someone who personally disliked geography and history in school, the best learning is the kind you don’t realize is happening.

I’m happy to announce that just over one year later, Shelly and Coco are back to it and on the way to their next place! This time… they’re going to… Massachusetts!

Shelly Goes to Massachusetts does not currently have a release date (YET) but you will be the first to know when it does! Shelly finds herself struggling as she studies for her test, and Coco decides the best way to learn is seeing and experiencing for yourself. Shortly after, they’re on their way to Massachusetts where they’ll walk the Freedom Trail, witness the Boston Tea Party, and visit Plymouth Rock.

If you’re interested in the behind the scenes of publishing this book, I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks to my Instagram story and my newsletter! Follow me on the journey as my 4th children’s book makes its way to the public 🙂

I’m also holding a “Design Shelly’s Next Outfit” contest where YOU can draw the outfit Shelly will be wearing in this next book! Click here to download the worksheet and follow the submission notes on the bottom to enter!

Until next time ❤


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