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Drysol Antiperspirant + My Experience

A brand reached out to me on Instagram months ago asking if I would be interested in trying out their anti-perspirant lotions for hands, feet, and thighs. I, as someone who most definitely sweats, completely agreed. Long story short, after 2 months of using it daily (they do say twice a day), it unfortunately didn’t seem to make any difference.

I posted my experience to my Instagram story and began asking for suggestions on other ways to help prevent sweating. Some of the answers I got included Botox and Detox Armpit Masks. However, the most interesting answer I got was from a Facebook friend.

She messaged me saying that she could help and sent me a picture of a product her husband was prescribed about 20 years ago. She said he only ever applied it a few times, and he barely sweats now. I was instantly convinced and began searching. Luckily, Drysol evolved into an online store base (like most companies in the last 20 years), and you no longer needed a prescription since you could buy right online! Their company is based in Canada so while it is available on Amazon, it needs to be Canadian Amazon.

This is from the video I took when sharing my Carpe experience. You can see within the black outline how much sweat has stained my shirt. Someone swiped up on this video telling me about Drysol.

I tried to reach out to Drysol multiple times through email, phone call, social media DM, and tagging them in my story, but unfortunately, they weren’t getting back to me. I asked my followers if I should order anyways and find out if Drysol truly is “the most effective antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis”. They said yes, and soon enough the 20% ACH Dab On, 35mL Drysol Extra Strength was ordered!

View this same product on Amazon here!

After a couple weeks, my package arrived! It came in a sealed bottle with a separate “dabber”. Once I unscrewed the cover and removed the seal, I was able to screw on the dabber and was good to go! I will say it does smell like rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover, which would be really funny if that’s what it actually is.

The directions state to dab it on 2 hours after your shower before you go to bed. I applied it on the night I got it, and there was no stinging (I stung a little when using Carpe for the first time). About an hour or so after I applied, my armpits were starting to itch really bad. Sometimes they do that so I didn’t think too much into it.

On Day 2 of applying, I made the mistake of shaving and then applying (make sure to read ALL the directions my friends) and burned my armpits. It wasn’t anything crazy but definitely wasn’t pleasant. In addition to the sting, they still itched, so I came to the conclusion that itching might be a side effect since it is a chemical.

I also made the decision that instead of applying daily, I would apply every 2-3 days since it is strong. I also feel like I was applying too much on the first 2 days, so I started applying less.

By Day 3 I HAD RESULTS. I play volleyball and came home after playing doubles for over 2 hours so I was sweating a LOT. But the kicker? Even though my stomach, underboob, and back were soaked, my pits were dry. Completely.

I mean I’m talking not even the slightest bit of moisture despite my body dripping

After the results I got by Day 3, someone asked me to start putting it on my butt to help prevent “swamp ass” and my underboobs. I started applying because I also was trying to reduce the amount I sweat (and places it comes out of) and am usually for giving the people what they want. I had remarkable results so far so I had no reason to believe it wouldn’t work.

2 weeks after my first post-volleyball update, I decided it was about time to give another update. I gave a pit update after another 2 hours of volleyball to get the same emphasis of how much I was sweating. My pits were dry yet again, and this time, I barely had any underboob sweat (even though my sports bra was soaked)!

The difference between day 1ish of applying to the underboob area and about 2 weeks later… jaw dropped!

After this most recent update, people were starting to get convinced. I had people asking me if I thought it was worth it, and I can say with 754% certainty, IT IS. There is not a single doubt about it. I only purchased a 35mL amount, and since I apply every 2-3 days, my bottle is still pretty full. A little goes a long way, and even though the pricing it a bit high (compared to typical deodorants), it is very deserving of your money.

Since it has been about 2.5 weeks since I started applying to combat butt sweat, I was ready for an update. The butt sweat… GONE. When I say gone, I mean I was consistently sweating through my pants at work (talk about embarrassing) and after I started applying Drysol, I wasn’t. For me, that’s a huge win.

The Before:

I’m only exposing myself like this for the blog, so consider this my appreciation to you for being a reader! This is a picture I took from before I started applying Drysol.

The After: *I was wearing darker pants in this photo, but trust me when I say that before Drysol, the darkness of the pants meant absolutely nothing*

This is a screenshot from a video, so I apologize for the quality, but nothing!!

Within my updates on my Instagram story, I received some repeating questions:

  • Did you start sweating more in other places since you aren’t sweating in the Drysol places?
    • This is probably the #1 question I’ve received, and I have to say no; at least not any more than I was already. But no new spots, no more sweating than usual, I just reduced the amount.
  • Are there any side effects?
    • I had burned my armpits, but I think that was more the fact that I shaved first. I haven’t had any burning any of the other times I’ve applied. I think the only “side effect” is that it will itch. However, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a small inconvenience for solving a huge problem.
  • Are you going to apply in other places?
    • I apply Drysol to my armpits, butt area, and underboobs. I thought about and had requests to apply on the groin area, and after checking their site again, they do have a product that they claim can be applied there. This is not the same product I have, but this is their “Mild” Drysol (6.25% versus the 20% I currently use). Since it is a lower percentage, and ideally less chemicals, I am under the impression this would work wonders. However, I have not tested it.
  • I wish I watched this from the beginning!
    • I made a highlight on my Instagram profile! Unfortunately, IG limits highlights to 100 videos so I won’t be able to add much more if anything since I’m just about there, but this covers the whole process and experience from start to finish! I highly recommend checking it out 🙂

Unfortunately, despite all of my best efforts to get in contact with Drysol and attempts to get a promo code to share, I was unsuccessful. However, if you go to this link, it will bring you to Canadian Amazon as well as the specific product I purchased since it seems some of their other products don’t ship to the US. I also think I may earn a commissions of some sort, but I won’t know until someone does it 😉

As always, thank you for reading! If you have any questions feel free to comment below or chat with me on IG! Stay sweat free friends!<3


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