2021 Georgia Trip

Day 3: Coke and Edibles

And by coke, I mean the Coke Museum! 😉 Since Coke was first sold in Atlanta, it would make sense why their museum would be here. It was very cool to be able to see how it evolved from being used as a drug (probably why people are so addicted) and is now arguably the most well-known drink brand. We got to see the evolution of advertising and marketing, learn the order of when some drinks came out (did you know Fanta came before Sprite?!), and got to meet the famous Polar Bear! We learned that you could snitch on people selling fake cokes for $500, watched their Monster Mash for their Fantastic Halloween special, and tasted a bunch of different coke drinks from around the world (spoiler alert – cucumber sprite was the best).

After the Coke Musuem, we walked over to Centennial Olympic Park where we held the 100th Olympics in Atlanta! We made a wish in their Olympic fountain and got to take pictures with the Olympic Rings. Next stop – Botanical Gardens! Aka my second favorite thing on this trip!

I love plants and Earth, and if you know me personally or follow me on socials, my boyfriend and I have our own little garden. I thought it was so cool to see bumble bees pollinate my sunflowers at home, but the number of bumble bees we saw at the gardens today definitely takes the cake. I love being able to see nature work naturally, and watching the bees do their job up close was so neat. We walked through greenhouses, succulents, flowers, and edibles….in the garden! They were growing tomatoes, peppers, thyme, carrots, and so much more. Now I’ll have some new ideas for next year’s garden of mine 😉 The Botanical Garden was huge with so many areas to see. Probably my favorite part of the garden itself was Queen Te Fiti. I don’t think that’s what they call her here, but if you’ve seen Moana, she’s real and just as gorgeous in person.

Something we were recommended for Atlanta was Ponce City Market, which we stopped in after the gardens. It was a neat place to be, and I wish we would’ve had more time there. They have shops, dining, lounges, and a roof top lounge. Unfortunately, Fridays and Saturdays are 21+ in the evening and Izzy isn’t quite there yet, which is why we wanted to stop by today, but now we know where to go for next time!

Since we had gone to bed so late last night, and we wanted to go out to dinner on our last night in town, we decided to head back to the hotel for a bit of relaxation. We took our naps, hung out for a bit, and then got ready for dinner. We got all dressed up in our dresses/jumpsuits and heels and were on our way. Malone’s is a local Italian restaurant with a delicious Santa Fe Chicken dish.

The best thing to do when all dressed up, and something I usually forget, is taking pictures! We headed back into downtown for a little bit to get some pictures, and it was so nice being able to see the buildings at night all lit up. The Mercedes-Benz stadium was the perfect background, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the gram for those pictures 😉

After a long day of walking, 7.4 miles to be exact, we headed back to the hotel for the last time. Showered and ready for bed, we’ll be packing up and getting ready to wrap up our trip come morning time. My sisters will be leaving midday or so, but my flight isn’t until later that evening.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog! ❤


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