2021 Georgia Trip

Day 4: Going Home

Today was our last day in Atlanta 😦 Since my sisters are driving back to Florida, they didn’t want to get home too late, so we didn’t have much planned. We packed up our bags, and checked out of our hotel this morning. We decided we wanted to go to Waffle House for breakfast and then try and find a souvenir shop. We’ve come to the realization that places really only put souvenir shops in beachy areas since that is considered a “tourist” area compared to cities like Atlanta. I suppose it does depend on what city you’re going to, but point is, finding a shop was not easy for us. Typically we get shot glasses as souvenirs and would you believe THREE of the museums we went to didn’t have any?! The aquarium, the civil rights, or the Coke museum! It seems that every person before us wanted them and they sold out… coincidence? Maybe. Eventually, though, we did find a shop and got the things we wanted.

We didn’t have anything planned after that, so my sisters would be on their way back home fairly soon. My flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 7:30pm, so I figured I’d treat myself to a pedicure. I wanted to get one when I first arrived on Friday but just didn’t even up having the time. At the very least, it was certainly well deserved. Over the course of the weekend, since Friday, we walked a total of 21 miles!! My legs and feet very much enjoyed some TLC.

Once I was finished, I was back at the hotel to grab my bags. I was going to lounge around the hotel and hang out for a bit, but then I thought it couldn’t hurt to go to the airport early. I had nothing to do, and I checked some other Delta flights and saw one was leaving a few hours more than mine. I figured I would take my chances and see if I could finesse my way onto the earlier flight. It just so happened there was a pilot for Delta on the shuttle going to the airport, and even though he wasn’t the one flying the plane leaving at 3:45, I was hoping it was good luck.

Originally, I didn’t mind my flight leaving late. My boyfriend works late and would be able to pick me up when I landed at 10pm after work. However, it was raining in Connecticut today and since he works outside, he got the day off. It’s not often at all that happens, so I was feeling a little sad I couldn’t spend the day with him. Mushy, I know. Plus, I didn’t really want to get home at 10pm after the long weekend we had if I could somehow avoid it. I headed to the Delta Help Desk hoping the odds would be in my favor. Luckily, they were!! I did have to pay to change to the earlier flight, but only $75. Knowing my time is worth WAY more than that, the choice was simple. I was going home early!!

While it was a fun weekend trip, it feels so good to be back home and in my own bed. It was great being able to continue my New Year New Place tradition, and it was especially great being able to do it with my sisters. Now that we’re all older and living our own lives, it’s much harder to get together and do things, especially for longer periods of time. I know this is a trip I will never forget, and I hope they had just as good a time as I did. If you’ve been following since Day 1, thank you! If you haven’t and want to catch up, you can read them here.

Until next time ❤


1 thought on “Day 4: Going Home”

  1. Who’s taking your picture if your all using your own cameras? Or is it in the lobby in front of a mirror? Glad you all had a wonderful time.


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