2021 Georgia Trip

Day 2: The Fun Stuff

Once we woke up this morning, we were on our way to the Georgia Aquarium – after stopping at Dunkin of course. If you read my blog yesterday, you know this was the #1 thing I was looking forward to – and I was so excited! I am the kind of person who thinks going to the zoo or the aquarium is the perfect date/experience. Being that the Georgia Aquarium is largest in the world (well, technically, 2nd to one in China according to when I looked it up yesterday), I think it’s the best one I’ve been to yet. Not going to lie, it was smaller than what I thought it would be given how many gallons it holds, but it’s because the tanks are much bigger. There are only 2 floors, but there are different sections that hold different groups of sea life. We got to see sharks, turtles, fish, sting rays, beluga whales, otters, seals, and so much more!

When we were done going through all of the sections, we stumbled upon a penny machine. If you don’t know us personally, this is something we typically get any time it’s available. As kids, our grandparents would get us pressed pennies anytime us or them went somewhere that had them. They purchased us our first pressed penny books to put them inside, and we’ve been going strong since. Fast forward to now, I’m personally on my 3rd penny book! Such an easier souvenir, and the well-known places typically have them! If you weren’t aware, the US is in a coin shortage. I wasn’t really sure how that could be possible until today when we spent about 30 minutes (maybe more) trying to find quarters, because none of us had them in our wallets. We checked both gift shops, the food court, and we even tried to put the dollar into the vending machine and press the button to get our money back. Unfortunately, we just ended up with $1 coins instead. We finally were directed to the guest services desk who did have quarters, and we got our pennies!

Since we had a little bit of time before needing to go to our next stop, we stopped to get lunch at Johnny Rockets. After a few sandwiches/salads, we were on our way to the Center of Civil and Human Rights. It wasn’t exactly what I had thought it would be, but it is for sure a must if you are in the area.

The museum mainly touches upon racism and the civil rights movement. They touched upon some lesser-known key people of the movement, as well as the well-known such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. We got to do a “simulation” where the four of us sat at diner chairs and put headphones in. When the interaction started we closed our eyes and laid our hands on the counter. We started to hear people shouting and threatening us, and it was as if we were a person of color surrounded by white people. We were getting death threats, beaten up, and bottles smashed over our heads. It was definitely an experience to consider. I also don’t think I have seen any of us read more information in a museum as I did this one. When you truly believe in something, you want to read/learn about it!

Since we really only planned 2 museums during the day, we were able to give us a decent amount of time in case something popped up that we wanted to do. We came across a little vendor/craft fair that we were able to stop at and walk around for a bit. After a bit of shopping, we decided to head back to the hotel and relax so we could get ready for our clubbing night. This is the first time the four of us have ever gone out to a club together!

We ordered some pizza for dinner, relaxed for a bit, and started to get ready for the night. The club didn’t open until 10pm, which for me is extremely late (and I’ve been told I’m old for thinking so), so it’s a good thing we had some time to relax beforehand. Turns out it was an LGBT+ club, which was my first time ever. This is also the first time Izzy, my youngest sister has been to a club at all! We had some drinks, got to see some performances, and danced the night away (well some of us anyways). Nonetheless, still a good time. We thought we’d be leaving after a couple hours around 12-1am or so, and we didn’t end up leaving until 2:30am :O

It’s currently after 4am that I’m writing this, and Courtney and Izzy are sleeping and snoring, Sami is wrapping up her shower, and I’m on the verge of falling asleep. Most of the pictures will do the talking for us, so take a peek at them below! Tomorrow is our last full day before everyone leaves on Monday so stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading ❤


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