2017 Arizona Trip

Day 4: From Nevada to Arizona

From one state to the next, the trip continues! I slept in until about 10:30 (thank the Lord), and we checked out of the Flamingo hotel. We headed out of Vegas and towards breakfast where I got the biggest fruit tray perfectly cut and sorted (yay OCD)! Once we were done eating breakfast, we headed towards the Hoover Dam. Since Florida is so boring and flat, I can’t get over how awesome the terrain looks out here! I keep taking so many pictures just out the window as we’re driving, and they don’t even do the view justice. We made it to the Hoover Dam, and it was so windy I literally was getting pushed forward! I wanted to take a boomerang in front of the Nevada sign but was afraid I would get picked up by the wind if I jumped too high. However, I took my chances and did it anyway! (it’s on my instagram: brittneylee_96) We walked along the bridge across the dam and then went over to the actual dam and again: VIEWS. I even got to stand in Nevada and Arizona at the same time right over the border! Of course no good trip is complete until you get ice cream so before leaving, so we got some cones 🙂 Next stop in the trip is Williams, Arizona where we will be camping for the weekend (in a camper), which is exciting because 1. I haven’t been camping in forever and 2. I’ve never camped in a camper! I think I’ve worn us out enough that we’re definitely looking forward to just being able to chill out for a little. 

We went a little towards downtown Williams and ate at Route 66 cafe after walking down the street a little. After dinner, we went to a dive bar (which is really just a local bar if you’re like me and didn’t know) and played some pool! Eventually, we came back to the campgrounds and sat around the fire just hanging out and chit chatting for a few hours. The stars are so easily visible here since there are no clouds, and it’s even chilly! So much different than Florida considering I didn’t really bring any warm clothes 🙂

Until tomorrow! 


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