2017 Arizona Trip

Day 3: I’m pooped, but the show must go on!

After writing yesterday’s blog post this morning, I was still so exhausted. However, it’s my last full day in Vegas and I still had stuff to see. I woke up around 11:30 and eventually got ready for the day to begin. First stop on the list was the High Roller. For those of you that aren’t aware of what the High Roller is, it’s pretty much a gigantic ferris wheel (but a lot more safe). You go around for about a half and hour, and you can even walk around inside! The view from the highest point (550 feet) is absolutely stunning. To be honest, I was a little nervous at first to go on it because I’m kind of scared of ferris wheels, but it ended up being so much fun!

Second stop on the list was the VooDoo Zip Line! This zip line is connected in between two of the Rio hotels and happens to be 500 feet in the air! Unlike most rides where you have a harness that comes down over you, this is simply just a big seatbelt. Finding out this information make me really nervous and I stayed that way until the couple in front of me told me I’d be fine (LOL). It ended up being super fun with a fantastic view of Vegas. I think the main reason I love the scenery so much is because there actually is some and it isn’t just flat like Florida. You even go backwards back up to the beginning so you get double the sight!

After the zip line, we decided to hit the pool for a little bit since we missed out on it yesterday. It was very nice and relaxing, and I even got to take a little nap! Once we left the pool, we went up to the room to change, and the headed to In-N-Out for dinner (yay!).

Third stop on the list came after dinner and happens to be MAT FRANCO. For those of you that don’t know who he is, he won America’s Got Talent as a magician and has his own show here! Without giving away his show, IT WAS AMAZING. Magic is the way to my heart so I was in complete awe the entire time. He made a girl’s phone break, disappear, end up inside a table in the audience, cut it out of the table, and the phone was in perfect condition again!!! The show was great, and I even got some of the cards he used during the show!

Fourth stop is the famous Stratosphere tower. I made my way up to the observation deck first before eventually going up to the top of the tower. This tower is so far up but gives the absolute best view so no matter how fast my heart was beating, it was worth every second of it. I even facetimed two of my sisters to show them how great the view was!

Finally, the last stop of the day is Fremont Street. When you get there, all you see are lights. I thought the strip was lit up but man the strip is nothing compared to Fremont. Also, there are more street performers on Fremont which I enjoyed! We saw a few dancers, an amazing contortionist (if that’s what you’d call him, but definitely mega yoga goals there), a drummer, and a few singers. I even got to watch a show on the ceiling of the street! Definitely a different experience than the strip.

For dinner we went to Four Queens, and I had the biggest taco salad of my entire life. I didn’t even finish the whole thing! They even put the salad into a tortilla bowl instead of just a bowl or plate which I thought was pretty cute. Killing time at dinner was easy and brought us into perfect timing for the SlotZilla Zip Line! This zip line stretches pretty much the entirety of Fremont, and you have the option of going down regular or laying on your stomach like Superman. Guess which one I did?! Superman of course!! They put you into this huge harness and lift you into the air on your stomach. Then they let you go and you just ride all the way down the street looking at everything possible. What a view it was!

Once the zip line was done, Tori and I decided it was time to just go back to the hotel and crash. My eyes were starting to get really bloodshot, and I already knew my body was exhausted from the last few days we had had already. After three long days and nights, I have accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to while in Vegas. Sadly it was too windy for the NYNY coaster, so I didn’t get to check that off the list. 😦  Either way, I’ve had such a blast, and tomorrow we’re going to try to hit the Hoover Dam before going into Williams, Arizona to camp for the weekend! Stay tuned!


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