2017 Arizona Trip

Day 2: Better late than never

Day 2 started out decently early at a bright time of 8:56am. First thing I notice is how sore my calves are from walking everywhere the day before. My Aunt Tori and I got ready for the day and headed to Hash House a GoGo for breakfast. After breakfast, I wanted to start my Las Vegas Pass. This pass is probably the best investment when coming to Vegas. You get free admission into over 50 attractions (that you’re probably planning on seeing anyways) and you don’t have to wait in line!

On our way to the first stop, we took a picture in front of the waterfalls at the Mirage to reenact a same picture we took in 2000! Not much has changed considering we both pretty much look exactly the same 🙂

First stop on the list: MARVELS AVENGERS STATION. Anyone who knows me should know that I love Iron Man and the Avengers so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement (probably not, but you can try). In this self-guided tour, I was given a device that gave me insight into every avenger, and I had to take an assessment on each one in order to finally become a “Station Agent”. The whole experience was AWESOME. I got to see all of Iron Man’s, Hawkeye and Black Widow’s, and Captain America’s suits! I also got to have my brain read through Iron Man’s mask!! During that simulation, the computer scans my eyes and brain (?) and then I flew through the desert and had to kill the targets by blinking twice. It was so awesome! After the tour is over and you’re in the gift shop, they have another virtual reality part where you literally are Iron Man (*internally screaming*). I got to fight off the villains and fly around in the suit!

After leaving there, we gambled a bit and eventually made our way to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Here I got to see the dolphins swimming around, lions and tigers who were mainly sleeping, and a black leopard!

Continuing our way down the strip, we made a stop at M&M World. I’ve been to the one in Orlando before, but this one seemed way bigger! The smell of chocolate was almost overwhelming! After the factory, I was going to ride the roller coaster at NYNY, but it was closed due to heavy winds 😦 I’m not all that mad though, but well see if we can fit it into day 3’s plans.

Another attraction on the list was the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I made my way up to the stop (a total of 500-something feet, which is only HALF the size of the actual). The view from the top was absolutely amazing. You literally got to see the whole strip and far beyond. I even got to catch the Bellagio Fountain show from the top! Since the whole top is caged in, they put these little squares in random spots for picture taking. Well, being the crazy that I am, I decided it would be completely worth the risk (and I was right) to stick my hand and whole phone through the hole in order to take a panoramic picture of the whole view. I loved the way it came out so much that I continued on to do it three more times! Talk about nerve wracking right!?

In between attractions and walking around we would hit up a bar or gamble a little bit. So far I’ve won a total of $70, but I put in $40 to play so I really only won $30. However, I won and didn’t lose which is the point right?? ALSO, pretty much almost every single person here that has asked for my ID (which is everyone) has wished me a belated happy birthday! (which totally beats when my waitress ON my birthday didn’t even realize it was my bday) Shoutout to Vegas for actually checking IDs.

We were going to head to the pool to relax a little bit, but once we laid down we didn’t want to get back up. We hung out in the room for a little bit until we headed down to Treasure Island for dinner. We ate nachos at Señor Frogs, and when we were done there headed to the theater for a CIRQUE DU SOLEIL SHOW. We saw their Mystere show which was definitely weird, but SO AWESOME. One of the employees upgraded our seats for free and we were only FIVE rows from the front!! I would arguably say we had the best seats in the house! It was such a great show and really made me wish I could do things that they could. Maybe if I keep doing yoga I’ll get there 😉

The show ended around 11pm and to be honest, I was pooped. However, I’m in Vegas and there’s no time to be pooped at 11pm so next thing I know it’s almost 2am. Tori and I had hit one of the bars at the hotel we’re staying at and while we were there, we ran into a bachelor party from England! Most of their names are Mark and Mick coincidentally, but one of them is named Lawson. Four of them are 27-29 and two of them are 55+, they said. They were telling us that they made the bachelor (Mark) dress up as Alan from the Hangover on the plane ride over!! How funny!

We ended up hanging with them the whole entire night and had a blast! We went to O’sheas and played beer pong (which I’ve never actually played with beer before but beer is gross so ew I handed those drinks right on over to the guys). It started to get even later at like 4am, and I was beginning to get hungry. At this point, we have no idea where the rest of the bachelor party is, and Tori and I are just hanging with Mark and Lawson. Fun Fact: I asked Mark if they think American accents are sexy since Americans think English accents are and he said yes. However, Lawson said no so to each his own I suppose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fun Fact 2: Mark looks and acts JUST LIKE James Corden!!

Mark and I wanted to go to In-N-Out (I’ve never been), but apparently they close at 1:30am??? WHAT PLACE IN VEGAS ON THE STRIP CLOSES THAT EARLY?! So we settled for a different restaurant (I have no idea what the name was), and I got mac and cheese! Yummmm. I was so tired that I was actually starting to fall asleep at the table, how embarrassing! Nonetheless, I somehow managed to stay mostly awake until I finally tapped out around 5am. We made our way to our hotel room, I took a nice hot shower, and passed right out (the good passing out this time) until around 11:30am (on day 3) when I finally woke up and wrote this blog.

Stay tuned for today’s adventures later on tonight (possibly tomorrow though) as we spend our last full day here at Vegas! Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping up so far!


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