2017 Arizona Trip

Day 5: Much needed rest day 

Today was a very much needed relaxing day. We ended up moving campsites so now we’re staying in a national forest! I’m actually having so much fun camping, especially since the weather is perfect and there are no bugs! We were going to do the Grand Canyon today but decided to do it tomorrow instead of trying to rush there today. We got all settled in, put a hammock up, and I took what I think was the best nap ever. After lounging around for some time we ran to the store to get stuff for dinner. Tori made mac and cheese in the Dutch oven on the fire! It was pretty cool to watch since I had never seen anything like it before. We had delicious mac and cheese with BBQ chicken sandwiches! After dinner we went on a little hike around the campgrounds before coming back and sitting around the fire. We even got to make s’mores… with actual sticks! Now we’re sitting around the fire smoking cigars (sorry mom and dad) enjoying the perfect weather! Tomorrow is the Grand Canyon! Stay tuned! 

**pictures are in reverse order for some reason**


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