2017 Arizona Trip

Day 6: Grand Canyon time!

It’s time for the Grand Canyon!! We woke up, ate breakfast, and started our drive towards the canyon. Since it’s a holiday weekend, the place was absolutely packed. We decided to hike a little into the canyon so we started on the Bright Angel Trail. The views going down the trail were amazing. The scenery is so gorgeous that it almost looks fake. We went about 2 miles into the canyon and started our way back up. Luckily it wasn’t too bad of a day. It was a little warm but there seemed to be a decent breeze for the most part. It wasn’t exactly the easiest making it up the trail… We made a lot more stops on the way up than the way down as expected, but it gave us lots of time for pictures! Once we made it back up to the top, we had a little lunch. We were going to take the train around the canyon but since there were so many people we decided to just walk a little further instead. We walked along the trail for a little and found an open spot that looked out over the rocks perfectly! Enjoy the million pictures I took while I was there! After leaving the Grand Canyon, we headed back to the campsite. Let me tell you, we are pooped! I got the fire started so we could work on reheating our leftover mac and cheese and chicken for dinner. I’ll also have you know that it’s A LOT easier to get a fire started here than in Florida! When I try to start fires at home, they never last. Here, I had a huge fire going within a minute! Hooray for being dry! Since we didn’t walk enough today (roughly 7 miles total), we decided to go on a little walk after dinner. It’s been really nice being able to camp out for a few days and enjoy the nice cool weather. Tomorrow we head back to my aunts house! 

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up!

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