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5 Loans in 4 Years + Soon Forgiveness!

Coming to you again exactly 1 year since my last post, 4 Loans in 3 Years, and 2 years after my 2 Loans in 2 Years post! The debt payoff continues as I've now paid off 5 out of 9 loans! 1 year ago in my last loan update, the forbearance was set to expire… Continue reading 5 Loans in 4 Years + Soon Forgiveness!

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You Asked, and I Listened!!

The moment some of you have been waiting for... I've created a Budget Journal!! I get so many questions from family, friends, and coworkers on finances, budgeting, loans, savings, and more. While I'm no financial expert, advisor, or anything of the such (legal disclaimer 😉 ), I love being able to share what's worked for… Continue reading You Asked, and I Listened!!

Money Talk

2 Loans in 2 Years

It's not often I talk money with people in public or in my blogs, but I've always had people come to me for money/budgeting advice, so here's my story on paying off 2 students loans in full in 2 years' time, in case it helps. Over the course of my four year college experience, I… Continue reading 2 Loans in 2 Years