2019 New Orleans Trip

Day 3: We ate what??

Well today was a fun-filled, adventurous day! We started off the morning pretty easily considering we slept in a little and then headed to the restaurant next door to our hotel (which we think was served by a bunch of crackheads), but nonetheless the food was very good. We rode straight from there to Mardi Gras World which was AWESOME! We got to see how Mardi Gras floats are made, the process they go through, and got to see TONS of different floats from past years or even this year’s parades. It was definitely a neat experience that I would recommend to anyone who comes here!

From there we headed on over to Audubon Insectarium and Butterfly Garden which was also AWESOME. We saw a ton of different bugs, insects, and animals in their natural habitats including some leaf cutter ants, alligators, spiders, and beetles, AND even ATE a little cookie with a cricket in it! (still gross but not too bad) We headed on through the butterfly garden where I found out I was the butterfly whisperer. They were all flying around me or landing on me, and if I put my hand out they would crawl right on and hang for a few minutes.

We then made our way over to Cafe Du Monde, after everyone recommended it to us, and we got some beignets and a frozen coffee. Considering how busy it was, we had some goo timing, because we headed inside as someone was getting up and instantly got a table as well as the server that followed shortly after that to help us out. Our food also came relatively fast with how busy it was and it all tasted great!

After walking outside and taking a look at some of the artists’ work nearby, we lyfted to the Museum of Death. What we were expecting this museum to look and feel like was not at all what it actually was, but was still very neat and we had our own little tour guide – Sam. This was another place we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of so you’ll either have to use your imagination or just let it wander a little bit. After looking at everything inside, we made our way back over to Bourbon Street where we would be soon doing a ghost tour, but had some time to kill.

Fat Tuesday made it onto the list as we got different frozen drinks to drink, hung out for a little, and then went to some little shops on the sides of the roads. At 8pm our tour had started (no issues with Kaitlyn switching hers over from last night thank god) and we were then listening to ghost stories and taking pictures of places that were deemed haunted – spoiler alert – no one got any pictures with ghosts inside except one picture I took with kaitlyn walking ahead of me that has a person in the background, that we can’t tell if it’s real or not, so I’ll leave that for you to decide. We made a few pitstops along the way at some bars, got some drinks, and stopped back at one of the bars from last night when the tour was over to have another one of those cucumber drinks.

Sam and I wanted to show Kaitlyn the area we were at last night as well as the guys who we saw perform for a while (@newthousandband – check them out!), and they were in the same spot again! Front and center we popped and squat and jammed with them long enough to buy one of their CDs (support local art!) before heading home for the night. We stopped to grab something to eat real quick, took a few minutes to check out some more local art (I have a shopping problem – view below for the additions to my art I got), headed back to our hotel, and then called it a night as everyone hit the hay.

Tomorrow we decided would be more of a laid back and hang out type of day, so we only planned a couple little things here and there to do amongst those things. It’s crazy to think we are halfway through the trip already and that we’ll be leaving pretty soon in comparison! Stay tuned tomorrow and Tuesday for the wrap up of our trip!

6A4A4B33-E12C-47EC-B44B-F74401B9D07168BBA3ED-79C0-4241-B872-BAFF71DA29665687D792-08AB-4139-BF25-66245960D53B76762974-0F5D-45D5-AC34-DF5C4EAA2E52B62C0DE1-C8CC-4234-96FE-5F64B635AE37C58EF9E9-58F7-4D45-8FFE-1C4A82A3D8AAIMG_0019IMG_0303IMG_0798IMG_0831IMG_1238IMG_1316IMG_1319IMG_1612IMG_1723IMG_1866IMG_1964IMG_3836IMG_3886IMG_4020IMG_4301IMG_4792IMG_4929IMG_6750IMG_6957IMG_7675IMG_7672IMG_7376IMG_7199IMG_7131IMG_7016 2IMG_7676IMG_7679IMG_7681IMG_7685IMG_7687IMG_7694IMG_7705IMG_8734IMG_8850IMG_9377IMG_9551IMG_9766IMG_98494C6A7AD1-C739-4F53-BC1F-16DB0DBACA1A6D307771-ED90-4E65-A61A-EE9CF329F50A8FAF3E04-F245-492F-BE22-4A72CD56115A58CA9E19-23C2-4510-BD2E-A870618B5155BFBF2839-7A95-40A9-B7C1-D970F5124DC0E57AAF6E-E95D-4628-83C8-F24AB990C3A0FF8C239F-A060-4011-8F53-0561ABF46267IMG_1626IMG_5291

Have you ever seen ladybugs getting it on??


This museum was honestly like A Bug’s Life! Circus and all!


Can you see the diving beetle?


Can you spot the praying mantis?

IMG_962706FEC856-AC8C-48A9-BA8A-4440ECE4DA8E15344BB0-559E-4AAD-AC2D-D7302B8BCF50IMG_7820IMG_7822IMG_7827IMG_7829F2D45932-5EA3-4102-B875-7524EE1A078F6EDC225F-417A-42DF-8D7F-EDE9911B4491IMG_783318FCBE66-ECAE-49AA-A3BF-07372B609DB0021C263F-4C6B-4169-BBB0-61B671A6A227112F3D75-6502-4B3F-A05C-1CAFD7ACB1FADAFFC8CF-5B25-468A-AB9F-1BF5086426C6FB808329-ADC4-4F4F-A262-705702CF6553IMG_7836IMG_7839IMG_7842IMG_7846IMG_7848 2IMG_7866

What do you guys think?? Real person or ghost??



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