2019 New Orleans Trip

Day 2: Finessed in Five Minutes

Welcome back! After a much needed sleep, I woke up this morning and got ready for when Kaitlyn and Sam would get here 😀 I had to go to the front desk to change my room to our actual room (which was now clean) and just waited for them to come. Once they got here, we settled in and chit chatted a little about what we wanted to do and what kind of plans we wanted to come up with. We booked a Haunted Pub Crawl to do later that night and then headed down to the city area to get some lunch.

Our first thing to do today was the World War II Museum which happened to be right next to where we ate lunch. The museum was very nice and HUGE, four buildings to be exact. We were given dog tags so we could follow someone’s journey, and mine was Barney Old Coyote. Luckily, he made it out alive and actually became the founder and first president of the American Indian National Bank and lectured at Montana State University! He passed away August 5, 2012 and is buried at the Little Bighorn National Cemetery. We spent most of our day at the museum (pictures below), but Kaitlyn wasn’t feeling too well so we decided to head back to the hotel to relax for a little bit and then get ready for the evening.

Kaitlyn decided to stay at the hotel and try and rest a little so she wouldn’t be too miserable the next few days, and we were able to talk to the tour guys and see if she’d be able to use today’s tour for tomorrow since she couldn’t go. They said yes so stay tuned for tomorrow on how that goes down. Sam and I headed out and made our way towards Bourbon Street.

Within five minutes of getting out of our car and onto the road, a lady grabbed me by the wrist, said “come with me over here sexy”, and pulled me over to the bar. She pulled out three test tube shots, put the ends in her mouth, and put the other end in my mouth (saucy) and then proceeded to do the same with Sam. She then says, ‘okay 24’, and Sam and I start pulling out our cards. She then tells us we can’t use card because it is cash only but they have an ATM. I had cash with me so I told Sam I’d cover her and then asked her again how much it was. She tells me, and I am not kidding you, “24 plus tip makes it 30 so 30 and 30 so 60”. I’m sorry….WHAT. I hand my money over, because what can you do at this point, walk out with Sam, and we start talking about how finessed we just got in literally five minutes for shots that weren’t that much liquid and weren’t strong at all. What a scam. LUCKILY, everything we bought after that seemed extremely cheap so I guess maybe it helped us out a little. Noted: don’t let random people give you shots without asking how much it is first.

Sam and I walked down Bourbon Street for a little and popped into some shops, ate some pizza and got some drinks, and then made our way down towards where our tour was. The first stop on our pub crawl was The Dungeon – a BDSM themed, hard metal rock bar that does not allow any pictures or videos inside due to the ‘anonymity’ they allow their customers. We got a drink called “The Key to the Chasity Belt” which was a frozen drink that was very tasty. While the inside was filled with many picture-worthy items, you’ll have to eventually go there to check it out. However, we did take some cute pictures outside and even got one shackled up against the wall 😉

The next stop on our tour was MRB where we got a cucumber flavored drink that, surprisingly, was very good and probably would do some damage if you had a few of them. You’d probably never think to add cucumber water into your cocktail, but it might be something worth trying out. The last stop was Molly’s at the Market where, fun fact, the original Molly was a prostitute who fell in love with a sailor who went out to sea for two years and died one week before his return to New Orleans where Molly had been waiting for him every day in a wedding dress. She then went on to hang herself and now haunts the surrounding area 🙂

Once the tour was over, Sam wanted to walk down a little bit to an area where G-Eazy had just recently shot a music video. Our walk down the way was filled with crazy people, street performers, honking cars, and lots of excitement. We found a restaurant that had an upstairs balcony so we headed up that way and watched two guys on the street, who were AMAZING, drum on some buckets and jam out on a violin. We walked around some more, found some very neat artist sections (pictures of my new wall art below), and had a pretty good time before heading back to the hotel.

After a creepy lyft ride back to our hotel (our driver was WEIRD), we headed up to our room and hung out with Kaitlyn, who is feeling much better now and hopefully will be back to normal tomorrow, and filled her in on our night. We just finished making some plans up for tomorrow so we can do most of the museums we want to see and are heading into bed shortly. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I was up until 2am let alone two days in a row, #grandmastatus, but I guess that’s what you get for vacationing in the City that Never Sleeps!

Until tomorrow!





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