2019 New Orleans Trip

Day 4: Banana Foster with Foster!!

Want the details? Read below!

Our day started as we slowly started to get up and get ready for the day. First stop: Breakfast/Lunch. By the time we made it out of our hotel, it was about lunch time so we headed on over to Pat O’Briens, which was also a very popular place that was recommended to us. We drank some mimosas and ate some jambalaya (Kaitlyn had a chicken sandwich), and we enjoyed the scenery with warm weather as we sat outside and talked about what the plans were for that day.

After we ate some lunch, we headed on over to the Museum of Voodoo. This was a fairly small area that had a lot of information from how to make your own voodoo dolls to a ton of information about the Voodoo Queen. After a little look-around of this place, we headed back over to Fat Tuesdays to get a drink and then to regroup and relax for a little bit. We waited about a half an hour or so and then headed onto our next stop: The Cathedral.

Originally, we didn’t think it was open to the public. We had passed their garden in the back first, which we had learned was haunted and had paranormal activity more than once, but was also curious about the inside. We were able to head inside and it was absolutely amazing. They had everything from an astonishing altar, to great stained glass windows, to even little gift shop things they sell from day to day.

We planned for today to be more of a relaxing day to do anything we wanted to in the French Quarter as well as enjoy ourselves in this general area, because we don’t plan to make our way over there any time tomorrow unfortunately. Since we had completed the majority of the trip so far, we decided to hang around in Jackson Square. We took some very cute pictures of each other where you can see how the flowers, art, and cathedral in the back as well as the fountain in front of the cathedral. Since we were already in the square, we decided to take a look around to see if anything caught our eye.

We hung around for awhile just people watching in Jackson Square as we listened to a guy playing the saxophone on the street. He would play a song from his phone, play it from his sax, and then continue throughout his entire song time. He was very good and definitely worth staying around to see.

After hanging around Jackson Square for quite some time, we decided to walk down the street and see what other things we could see. We saw some street performers, surprisingly that were mainly kids, as well as shops and bars down the way. We headed on over to Palace Cafe so we could watch them make Banana Foster (with Foster who was one of our servers, also conveniently from Tampa) as well as eat some Strawberry Pineapple Sorbet and Root Beer Float Ice cream. All three of them were very delicious.

We were actually planning on heading back to our hotel around 9pm but decided that after getting the dessert from the Palace Cafe, we would maybe try and head over to Harrahs which was a casino. We didn’t put any money into the slots or gamble anything but we did, however, find us some karaoke friends as well as some videos. We had such a good time, despite never thinking that we would be the ones singing, and I have to say it was definitely worth it in the beginning to try and help ourselves get over it. We sang a decent amount of songs (see my facebook for more videos) as well as started to enjoy ourselves.

It’s so hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day we will be in “New Orleans” and that soon we will be back to our regular day to day schedule. Once I go to the bathroom, I grab our stuff, and head on back outside. We decided to call an uber because we needed to pack and get everything ready for tomorrow before we leave. We made it back to our hotel where we would start getting ready for bed as well as packing for tomorrow. Sam is planning on mailing a handful of things so she doesn’t have to worry about it in her carry on bag so we will probably swing by the post office tomorrow.

Nonetheless, today was a very interesting day. Tomorrow is our last day before heading home so stay tuned as to what happens!



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  1. I’m glad you ladies had a safe and fun time. It is awesome to see different places. I LOVE YOU BRIT!!!! You all Have a great and safe flight home.

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