2016 New England Trip

Day 5: Finishing up New Hampshire

Either my body is getting used to it or I can’t sleep when the sun is just so bright so early, but I’ve been waking up so early. Luckily, I’m able to just turn over and go back to sleep for a little bit. Finally, I actually roll out of bed and get up. After a bit of just chilling, I get dressed and it’s so nice outside. Perfect day. Mid 70s means shorts and a tshirt! Around 12:30, Jamison got to the house and I was ready to spend the day with him! **image 1**

We went into Manchester and headed towards his apartment. I got to see his sister, Nina, again and got to meet the famous older brother, Scott. Which meansssssss I have officially met everyone in Jamison’s immediate family! What an accomplishment when more than half of the family lives up north. We all hung out for a few hours, and then Jamison and I headed to Rock Rimmon to hike up a giant rock. **image 2**

We finally made it to the top and the view was absolutely amazing. You got to see so much of the city! **image 3-4**
While up there, I was even able to get Jamison to take a yoga pose with me! We did mountain pose! (No we aren’t holding hands) *image 5**

We stayed up at Rock Rimmon for quite some time. If there’s anything you should know about Jamison and I’s friendship, it’s that we can talk for hours on hours on hours. And boy were we talking! Eventually, we headed back down and went to Ben and Jerry’s! **image 6**

We got some ice cream (clearly I had already eaten mine by the time I remembered to take a picture) and it was fantastic. Apparently, I can suddenly fit a lot of food in my stomach because I was still hungry after eating that. Sooo we went to Margaritas which is a nice little Mexican restaurant that his younger brother, Jackson, works at. **image 7**

After we ate and I was nice and full, we headed back to his apartment and hung out with Nina for a good amount of time. I even got to meet one of Nina’s good friends! Since there’s a chance Jamison might stay up here with his family instead of coming back to Florida in the fall, it’s so cool that I was able to see him and his family while I was visiting!

I can honestly stay that I’ve had such a great time in New Hampshire, and I’m a little sad tonight is my last night here. Tomorrow I set out towards Massachusetts to stay at my other uncle’s house for a few days! Now, I am about to go to bed cause I’m exhausted! Goodnight all my readers 🙂imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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