2016 New England Trip

Day 6: New State, New Adventures

This morning I headed down towards Massachusetts to start the next section of my trip. **image 1**

We went into Westwood first, which is the town my mom grew up in when she lived here. I got to see where she went to high school, the new building anyways. **image 2**

Then we ventured into Norwood, where my dad and uncle grew up! I even got to see the house they used to live in! **image 3**

While in Norwood, we ate breakfast at this cute little restaurant called Mug n Muffin. I had this huge breakfast in a skillet, which was fantastic. **image 4**

On our way to my other uncles house, we stopped by the cemetery that my Nana and GiGi are buried at. There actually happened to be a funeral going on while we were there, which was pretty interesting. **image 5-6**
After that short stop, we headed into Millis to go to my uncles! I haven’t seen them for 3 years so it was nice to see everyone again! We even ate some lunch together. **image 7**

Emily was first to open up to me, and I even got her to use some snapchat filters! Her favorite was the dog and the cat 🙂 **image 8-10**

After a little bit of some time there, Abigail finally opened up and sat next to me. She favored the cat and dog as well! They’re so cute, although the smiles can be covers for the secret horns that are in every 3 year old 😉 **image 11-13**

Around 5pm we headed to the baseball field because Jared was playing. It was a pretty good game and they made a huge comeback from 3-8 to 7-8 in the last inning, but sadly couldn’t pull it out. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic game! **image 14-15**
After the game, we were going to head over to a cafe for dinner. Quite the experience that was. We had been waiting for about 10 minutes with the girls running around crazy. We then decided to order it to go so we didn’t have to wait. That didn’t go as planned, so we just decided to go somewhere else. Finally we had got home, ate dinner, and watched the billboard awards.

It’s now just past 10pm and I am exhausted. I’m about to get ready for bed and hit the hay. Those girls definitely just wore me out man.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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