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An Open Letter to my Ex-Best Friend

Friends come and go. If you can find a best friend that sticks with you for the rest of your life, consider yourself lucky. Most of us aren’t that lucky. Here’s to the Best Friend that is no longer there anymore:

I would’ve done anything for you. If you had ever needed anything from me at any given moment, I would’ve dropped the world to come to your side. You meant everything to me and it is so hard to accept. Going from having someone that you share everything with to having no one there is not an easy thing to conquer. Losing you was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with.

We were the epitome of best friends. We told each other everything, hung out almost every single day, and there were no boundaries between us. We could talk and do anything we wanted and it would never be weird or awkward. It was fantastic never having to worry about what you were thinking, because you just said it. It was great to not have to think twice on if you were going to judge me for something I did or said, because I knew you loved me either way.

It sucks that it ended in the way that it did. I wish things could’ve worked out for us and we could have remained friends, but it just didn’t. We both did things that contributed to our lost friendship and that is just something we have to live with. People mess up and make mistakes sometimes. Part of life, sadly, is having to live with our mistakes. Some mistakes are harder to swallow than others.

Wherever you are now and whatever you are doing, I hope it is going well for you. We may not be friends anymore or talk ever again, but I still wish you the best. I hope that your dreams are coming true and you are living life the best way you can. I still wonder how you are every once in a while, and sometimes I wish I could see how you were doing through a snow globe. Since I can’t, I just hope things are swell. Maybe we will cross paths again in the future and maybe we won’t. Regardless, thank you for the great memories we shared; they will always be in the back of my mind.


Your Ex-Best Friend

Dedicated to all those friends who are not friends anymore, and the friends I have lost over the years.


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