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How to Grocery Shop the Brittney way!

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had their own grocery shopper? You just tell them everything you need, when you need it, and a budget, and they just went and accomplished everything at once? That’d be the life!

Well I am here because I believe that if everyone were to go food shopping like me, you would be getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re anything like me, you’re a broke college student balling on a budget. I need to get the absolute most for the absolute little. Here is my list for more efficient shopping just for you Young Grasshopper:

  • Stop shopping at Publix for all of your groceries

Publix is great and all with such a nice atmosphere, but it is so expensive! It’s like the Michael Kors of grocery stores! Chances are there is more than one grocery store near you. Go the few extra miles and save a few bucks! With those savings you can fill your gas tank (you’re thinking probably not, but just keep reading)

  • Start shopping at Winn Dixie

I love Winn Dixie! It is the exact same thing as Publix except a different environment and cheaper prices! They offer so many deals and benefits that you would be crazy to not shop there.

  • Look online at the Weekly Circulars

This is similar to couponing (in my book) minus all the circulars and cutting. Everything is online nowadays, use it. You can go to Winn Dixie’s website, find the closest location to you, and look at their weekly circular, the in-store circular, and the liquor circular. Go through them page by page and see what the weekly deals are. Write down everything that is on sale that you need. If I know when I am going food shopping, I sit down and do this the night before. I pull up the flyers and write down everything on sale that I know I am going to need. This not only helps you stay focused on what you’re buying so you limit how much impulse shopping you do, but then you have all the deals right in front of you! No more bringing in the flyers!

  • Take advantage of the deals

Winn Dixie always has BOGO (buy one, get one free) sales on typical stuff. I personally love cheese sticks so I find out which brand is on sale and buy two for the price of one! It is hands down the best deal you could possibly come across. Bread is always on sale, vegetables, cheese, sometimes even chicken breasts if you’re there at the right time! Take advantage of all the deals they offer there and get twice as many groceries for half the price!

  • Get a Winn Dixie Card

Remember when I said if you drove a little farther you could fill your tank with all those savings? Well Winn Dixie cards are not only for getting all the deals. They are partnered with Circle K gas stations and you can earn fuel perks! Sometimes you can earn fuel perks depending on what you buy. When you are walking down the isles, there will be a blue slip that will tell you how many cents of fuel perks you would get for buying a certain amount. It is usually 5 cents, but if you get that deal with 3 different items that 15 cents! That’s the difference between paying $2.13/gal and $1.98! So what if you don’t buy anything with fuel perks? Well I have good news for you! For every $50 you spend, you get fuelperks rewards! I just filled up my tank for $26 because I had 15 cents off a gallon of gas! You just can’t beat these deals!

  • Enjoy all the money you are saving!

I cannot being to explain the amount of money that I save just by going to Winn Dixie. I have friends that go to Publix, spend $100, and walk out with 5-6 bags. I go to Winn Dixie and get exactly what they got plus some and spend around $50. I’m just trying to help you guys out! Coming from a broke college student, everything helps even if it means taking a little bit more time to plan the shopping trip. With all the bags of food that you walk out with, you’ll be building your muscles because more than one trip is for the weak! Enjoy your savings and happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “How to Grocery Shop the Brittney way!”

  1. Don’t totally count out Publix. They have some really good BOGO’s too. So check their circulars too & if both stores offer the same deal ( make sure you check the pig size), check the price, because I find that crackers are usually cheaper at Publix when they’re BOGO. Plus Publix fruit BOGO’s are awesome!


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