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I’m a Finalist!!

About 7 months ago, I dropped the best video of my existence (in my opinion anyways) – The R Word. If you’ve been following, you know sometimes I write about more controversial topics, but this was next level. Not only is it “controversial”, but it was my first spoken word performance. While I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve more recently been sharing my poetry, this was my first time doing something like this.

I am still so shocked I wrote this, and I’m so glad people loved it as much as I did. No matter how many times I watch it – which has been and is A LOT – I never fail to get goosebumps. I started searching for more ways I could share my video, and I came across The Artists Forum. While they do focus primarily on film, they held a Spoken Word Competition for the first time this year! Literally, what are the odds?!

With nothing to lose, I decided to officially submit The R Word. After what seemed like forever to hear anything, I got an email. I AM A FINALIST!!! They were originally going to be holding the awards ceremony live in New York, but due to COVID, it is being held online. It sort of works out better that way as I will be officiating my childhood best friend’s wedding at the same time :O (catch me anxiously checking my phone every 5 minutes).

I debated on writing and posting this now, as I don’t want to jinx myself, but being a finalist is pretty dang awesome!!! Plus, they finally posted about it! While I wish there was a way all of you could vote for me, the winner is decided among a panel of judges. However, send me ALL the good vibes!!! I will keep you posted!

**UPDATED to add: The ceremony was rescheduled from 12/11 to 12/18, but unfortunately was rescheduled again to 12/28 at 8pm. If you’d like to watch the link is here. I’ll be anxiously waiting until then for the results, so keep sending me your good vibes and good energy! ❤

**UPDATED to add: The ceremony has been posted, and unfortunately, I didn’t win. However, that’s okay, because being a finalist is still AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone who sent their good vibes and energy, I definitely felt it all ❤

Is this real life?!?!
One of Nine Finalists!

Below is a transcript of The R Word – however the video is much better so you should check it out 😉

The R Word

The word we’ve been told not to say for far too long.

Because it makes people uncomfortable. Or singles them out.

It comes with a statistic. A stereotype. An image.

The R Word

1 in every 6, women

1 in every 33, men

Every 68 seconds.

The R Word

It looks a certain way

I wonder if I may

Ask a question about the way we say

The R Word

We’re told it’s the clothes or the fit

Cause they just won’t quit

So, of course, we’re asking for it

The R Word

You drank too much

You took too long

You just want attention, and for what?

The R Word

But what about when

It happens with your friend

Or boys you thought were men

The R Word

Cause it’s not always the ones that you think

Who give you that creepy wink

And do the unthink… able

The R Word

Maybe it’s not hands tied

Or wide eyed and wide thighed

But you’re still left undignified

The R Word

And the worst part is

You think it’s okay

But it’s not. Cause it’s

The R Word

No means no unless you’re playing

Hard to get, and then you’re conveying

If I try a little harder, you’ll be paying. With

The R Word

But I meant what I said

And I said what I meant

And you did it anyway

The R Word

And now I lay awake

Wondering why me

What did I do to deserve

The R Word

You go about your day

And I walk away

While trying to downplay

The R Word

But my experience was real

And the way it makes me feel

Like a piece of meat for your sex appeal

The R Word

And I’m not alone

And my mind is blown

That as a society it’s like we condone

The R Word

Cause it’s not always blacked out and pushed down

Sometimes it’s hanging out and being around

But it’s 2021 now and it’s time to shut down

The R Word

Cause no matter how many times you ask, no still means no

Even if I say yes to lessen the blow

Cause with men you never know which way they’ll go

The R Word

But let’s call it what it is, cause I’m trying escape

And physically or not, I’m removing the tape

That’s been holding me back, from taking my true shape

Cause This R Word

Is Rape.


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