2020 Rhode Island Trip

Day 2: Scootin’ Around

After a little breakfast in the hotel, it is finally time to head to the zoo! Because of COVID, you have to purchase tickets ahead of time for a certain entry time slot. The good thing is, there is no time limit once you have entered the zoo, unlike a lot of other places with time slots. We were able to get a time slot for 10am, which was perfect, because when we got there the parking lot was pretty much empty. They had every other parking spot marked with an X so they could ensure social distancing, but it looked like only half of the people followed that. We parked, entered the zoo, had our online tickets scanned, and started on our way!

I’ve always thought zoos and museums were slightly confusing, because there are so many things to see, and I was never sure how you can ensure you’re seeing everything. I’m not sure if this is something the zoo always does, or just did because of the pandemic, but there was only one way to go throughout the zoo. On the map, you can see that the trail they take you on allows you to see every single exhibit and animal within the zoo, which makes the visit so much easier.

We saw giraffes, elephants, seals, monkeys, goats, and cheetahs! About half of the animals were active, moving or running around their exhibits, while the other half were just relaxing in the shade or soaking up the sun. At first the elephants weren’t out, but once we finished the path we looped back around again, and all of them were out! We stayed watching them for quite some time, as one of them was eating hay out of an elevated bin. It was quite amusing to watch her dig into the barrel with her trunk to grab the hay, lower it down and move it to the end of her trunk, and then lift it into her mouth to eat. Fascinating animals for sure.

My second favorite were probably the monkeys. They had two different areas of monkeys – one in the Faces of the Rainforest exhibit and one not too far from there in their own exhibit. The Faces of the Rainforest is a huge exhibit for not only monkeys, but all kinds of animals in the environment. Apparently the monkeys in that exhibit are free roaming, because we saw a little monkey at the top not in the cage. I guess they’re just smart enough to know not to leave? The monkeys in the second exhibit were very active, swinging all along inside and giving us a great show to watch.

Also because of COVID, there are a lot of areas closed down. Any animal feedings like giraffes or the petting zoo are closed. Most of the gift shops and food stations are closed with the exception of one. You know what else is closed?! PRESSED PENNY MACHINES. *cue heartbreak*

I am so salty about that one since I was SO looking forward to adding to my collection. Apparently, since they’re the hand crank ones and not the new digital ones, it’s too much of a hotspot to allow out. Honestly, I didn’t really think that many people even still got pennies, but apparently there are enough for them to close them down. Guess that’ll have to be another trip someday when we come back for the botanical gardens.

After a few hours in the zoo, we decided to head to historic Federal Hill for lunch. All of the top things I researched to do in Providence included Federal Hill since the buildings are original and they have a “main square” with a fountain, lights, street shows, etc. We ate lunch at Harry’s on the Hill which was the perfect lunch portion since they do sliders instead of full burgers.

Shortly after lunch, we walked all over main street trying to find this square and fountain. After many trips up and down the street, we realized the fountain was covered and the square area was filled with tables for the neighboring restaurants. *rolls eyes* Another thing thanks to COVID.

We headed back to the hotel to relax a little and decide what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. We saw some scooters you can rent to ride on our walk yesterday, so we decided we would scoot around the town. When Noe and I went to Washington DC back in February with my best friend and her family, these scooters were a highlight of our trip. Noe and I made sure to ride them again before we left to go back home. This was no different. If Noe could take one of the scooters home with us, I’m pretty sure he would. We scooted around town for about an hour or so before deciding it was time to get ready for dinner.

It was recommended to me by a friend to go to Los Andes since they have the best Peruvian food in all of NE. We called to try and make a reservation, and they were only doing a waitlist by then. We headed over to the restaurant and put our names on the list. An hour and 45 minute wait. Noe’s soccer team was playing a game a few hours later, so after some time contemplating in the car, we decided we would just ask for our food to go instead of sitting down in the restaurant. This way we could still try the food, not have to worry about paying $10-12 for our drinks, and enjoy dinner in our hotel room while we watched the game. Our food was ready in about 20 minutes or so, we stopped at a liquor store on the way back to the hotel to grab some beers, and showered and got ready to watch the game.

I had ordered Lomo Saltado which essentially is sirloin strips with onions and tomatoes with sides of rice and french fries. I will never understand how hispanic people aren’t overweight with the amount of carbs they intake, but I guess they were granted amazing genes. Noe got Jalea which is really a seafood medley. My plate was full and so good, I didn’t even come close to finishing. Noe’s plate was sort of just thrown together, which is slightly disappointing, but he said the food itself wasn’t all that bad. Nonetheless, we ate dinner, sipped on Coronas, and watched Guadalajara win their game so they can advance to the next bracket!

We decided since there wasn’t much we wanted to really do in Providence, and everyone recommended Newport to us, that is where we will be going tomorrow! We’re probably going to tour one of the mansions, eat dinner at one of the many places suggested to us, and see what all the hype is about! Stay tuned 🙂

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