2018 Vermont Trip

Day 5: Unfortunately, the end has come :(

Well, today is the last day of my Senior Spring Break trip, and I have to say it has been quite the trip! I woke up this morning, and Sage and I went out to breakfast where his stepmom works. After eating tons of food, we really just drove around, checked out some random places, and caught up on each other’s lives. We stopped by his friend’s house and hung out for a little, and I watched him get destroyed in Fortnite multiple times. Since Sage is in Connecticut, we had to drive back to Massachusetts so we could exchange the package (me), and Jamison could take me back to the airport to leave. Once we met up, I went from Sage’s car to Jamison’s car, and we were on our way to the airport!

Incase you weren’t already aware….. wine keys or openers are not allowed on planes. I found this out after security at the airport needed to check my suitcase, which I had to sit on this morning to close. I warned them that I literally threw all of my dirty clothes on the top of everything else in there, and that it would be a nightmare, but of course they had to check anyways. Eventually, they tell me I need to go back downstairs and check my bag with the wine key in it or just toss the wine key and go about my day. Considering the one thing I said I was going to buy was a wine key (our ones at work either suck or we don’t have any) AND I got it from the cheese factory we went to yesterday, checking the bag was really my only option. So I headed back downstairs, checked my bag, and went back upstairs to go through security again (rolls eyes) — good thing I got to the airport early.

My plane in Manchester finally boarded, and I headed to Philly for a quick layover before finally getting home to Fort Myers. It was almost a close call (at least in my head), as my terminal to my connecting flight was across the airport. Luckily, with my small legs, I have learned to speed walk pretty well, so I made it with time to spare. Finally, I touched down in Fort Myers where my friend, Jenna, came to pick me up! (Ily Jenna ❤ )

Now, I am home and completely unpacked (very surprising if you know me) as I get ready to jump in the shower and go to bed. My Spring Break trip was everything I could’ve imagined it to be and more! I did everything I dreamt of doing, saw so many really good friends on the way, and have truly lived and learned the Vermont way. Being up there has made me believe even more than I already do that I truly do belong up in the north. I guess we’ll see what happens post graduation… *thinking emoji*

BIG thank you to those who have been following me from Day 1 and for those who have been following since the real Day 1, I love you all! Keep an eye for any more posts or even a possible Summer Trip Round 3? Stay tuned! Until next time 🙂 ❤



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