2018 Vermont Trip

Day 4: Wrapping up Vermont :(

So our plan this morning was to leave our Airbnb around 9 to make sure that we got to the resort early enough to have enough time to fit in all of the things we wanted to do today. However, since our previous night took a slight wrong turn, we woke up a little later than expected. Before we headed out, we walked across the street so I could see the horses that have been there before we left. One of the horses, a gorgeous one at that, came up to me and let me touch him! After that, we checked out of our Airbnb, chit chatted with the owner’s daughter who caught us on our way out, and then made our way back towards Stowe Mountain Resort. Once we got there, we already knew what we had to do so getting everything settled was a piece of cake.

We were MUCH better at riding today than we were yesterday. We started off on the carpet and the mini hill (where we practiced all day yesterday) and then decided we were going to try the lift. Getting on the lift was the easiest part, because you just sit down as it comes up behind you. Getting off was the more nerve racking part. Neither of us had ever been on a ski lift before, so we weren’t exactly sure what was at the top or what we were supposed to do. Luckily, it wasn’t actually that hard, and we were at the top of our path! I went down first since Jamison was still buckling his shoes in, and LET ME TELL YOU I had a PERFECT first run. I snowboarded perfectly down the entire trail without falling and came to a full stop at the end without falling down!! Jamison’s first run wasn’t so lucky, and ended with him taking a huge face plant and walking down what was left of the trail. He decided after his fall that he wanted to take a break, but I wasn’t so eager. He left to go find some hot chocolate, and I went right back up the lift. This time, my run was not so spectacular. I took some pretty hard falls, definitely felt like I could feel my brain hit my scull a few times, but always finished strong (which is really what matters anyways). I finally met up with Jamison after going down alone a few times, to see if he wanted to try the lift and hill again. He decided he would since he wanted to get down it nicely at least once, and we got back on our way to the top of the trail.

You would honestly think that I have snowboarded for years or something with the way that I was trying to teach Jamison how to snowboard. Giving him tips on how to get up, how to go down the hill slowly, or how to stand on the board sounded like it was coming from an instructor… and that (plus my motivational speaking of course) obviously worked, because he totally made it down the hill perfectly!! I even stopped coming down the trail just so I could see him finish his way down. I, however, was not so lucky this time around and took many big falls on my way down (some of which are on camera). Nonetheless, I came down the trail finishing strong, and have even learned that maybe I can switch my riding style (which foot I lead with), because I did it an awful lot today.

We decided to call it a day after ending a few times on the carpet, you know to boost our final confidence before leaving, and then we headed out of the resort. Next on our list before officially leaving Vermont was the Cabot Cheese Factory where we got to try some of the BEST cheeses I have ever tried in my entire life (Cheese is my second favorite food). There wasn’t much to do other than taste cheese, so once we finished that we headed on our way to our last stop before wrapping up Vermont: Ben and Jerry’s. You didn’t think that we would go just once and then call it quits, did you? Of course we had to stop to get an ice cream cone before leaving! We got our cone and then headed on our way out of Vermont and towards…….. MASSACHUSETTS! Surprise! We would be meeting up with one more person on this trip before heading back to Florida tomorrow… the one and only Sage! Do you remember him from my summer trip two years ago as well? Connecticut and New York? (Check it out if you haven’t!)

I drove halfway between Sage’s house and Jamison’s house to exchange myself until tomorrow! Jamison was a little tired when we were wrapping everything up today, so he asked me if I would drive us to the meeting point while he napped so that way he wasn’t as tired when he had to drive home another hour on his own. 3 hours later, I made it to the meeting point!! Sage and I headed towards Connecticut, stopped by his house for a little, and went to grab some Subway for dinner! After Subway we headed to the next best thing…. the bar! 2 Corona’s later and we were back at home, showered, and headed to bed. Personally, I am exhausted and was really debating writing this tonight or tomorrow morning but considering it’s only 1:30am, I guess tonight was the better answer (now I can maybe sleep in in the morning). Tomorrow we will see what Sage has in store and then we will be meeting up with Jamison to go to the airport to go back to Florida 😦 the trip has been fantastic but is sadly coming to an end soon, so the plan is to make the most of the rest of it! Until next time!



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