2017 Arizona Trip

Day 7: The Last Full Day

As the last full day of my second solo vacation has come, it was time to leave the campsite and make the drive back to Phoenix. We got up, packed the camper, and started the 3 1/2 ish journey. Once we made it back, we had to go pick up the boys! I haven’t seen Brody since he was a baby, and I’ve never even met Spencer. We got some slushies since it was a hot 101 degrees here! Once we got back we went swimming to cool off! This Florida girl worked on her tan a little more as I watched the boys squirt each other with the hose and water guns. Spencer even showed me how great he is at the pogo stick… MUCH better than I ever was as a kid! We just hung out, watched movies, and ate pizza for dinner; the perfect last night to a great vacation. I’ve decided that Brody is my new favorite person ever since he said, “Whoa, I’m taller than a 30-something year old,” because he’s the first person in my life to ever assume I’m older than I am! (even if he is like 10 years off) We ended the night with some ice cream and late night swimming before heading into bed. Tomorrow I make the flight back home to Florida 😦 stay tuned for what ever stories the last day may hold! 


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