2016 New England Trip

Day 12: Taking on NYC

This morning I woke up not exactly sure whether I was going to make it into New York or not. Bentley and I woke up Sage so we could decide what to do. **image 1**

We, and I mean Sage, didn’t want to take a Greyhound (which was probably a good idea). So we decided to drive. Knowing the city is crazy and we don’t want to be driving around, he called an aunt that he has up there. She was so excited to hear that we would be coming up and offered her home to us so we could park the car and take the train into the city. Sage and I got ready, and then went out to breakfast to eat before starting our drive. We were recommended a place called Toast. It actually turned out to be really good! **image 2**

We ate a ton of food, got really full, and started our drive to the city! **image 3-5**

After what seemed like forever, we finally made it into Queens where his aunt lives. **image 6**

We chatted for a few, but since we got there a little late (around 2), we wanted to start our day. She told us how to walk to the train station, we got there, and got off at 5th Ave. **image 7-8**
First stop: Central Park! **image 9-10**
The park was actually really big and decently busy. It was sort of soothing to see so many people out on blankets and just lounging around outside. After walking around there, we just walked down 5th Ave. There was so destination planned, we were just gonna walk down and see where it led us. We got to see the Trump Tower (ew) and went inside to see what it was like. The outside was loaded with cops and the inside had workers all over the place. There’s a garden when you get to the top (as far as they let us anyways) which was pretty nice. **image 11-13**

On our journey down the ave, we got to see a huge church (which I don’t remember the name to), Rockefeller Plaza (which is ridiculously huge), and the NBC News building. We went inside the Rockefeller Plaza and ate some classic NY pizza. We even got to see the door that led to the Jimmy Fallon Show (that’s what it said anyways)! **image 14-20*

Since we had come in the front of the plaza, we came out the back when we were done. We were going to make just one big square so we ended back where we started, and on the way we got to see the Radio City Music Hall! **image 21**

We finally made our way back to where we started and even saw a ton of bikers that literally came out of nowhere. Eventually, we ended back on the train heading towards Queens. **image 22**

While we were on the train, we realized we didn’t go to Times Square like we were hoping thanks to a sign up on the side. We also didn’t make it to the 9/11 memorial because it wasn’t as close as we thought it was (non-city people). Which obviously means, I’ll just have to come back and spend some more time so I can see everything! **image 23**

Once we got back to Sage’s aunt’s house, we hung out and talked for a while. Sage hadn’t seen her in years, so it was good to catch everyone up on everything. She even invited us back (or even just me alone) to come visit some more! Around 8:30pm, we got into the car to start the drive back to Connecticut. **image 24**

We made it back to CT, and since it was my last night of vacation, we went out with some of Sage’s friends. I have to say it has been a pretty relaxing vacation, and I have had a blast seeing everything and everyone. Tomorrows post will probably be a short one because I’ll be flying back home to Florida that night, stay tuned for the last day!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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