2016 New England Trip

Day 8: What’s a hoodsie?

I’ve been slowly trying to fight the urge to fully wake up at 6:30am when the sun is shining through the windows right at me. Luckily, I’ve been able to go back to sleep for a few more hours. This morning I was awake around 9, but heard the girls crying upstairs so decided I was going to kill some time downstairs before going up. Once I made it up, the girls greeted me saying hi. It took them a little bit, but they’ve finally warmed up to me and can remember my name (most of the time). When I took my seat on the couch, Emily came over and snuggled up right next to me. **image 1**

Not too long after, she was sound asleep and drooling all over my shirt. **image 2**

A few cartoons later, with Emily still sound asleep, Abigail came over and joined me on the couch, too! **image 3**

Everyone eventually got dressed and we headed out around 2pm to go pick up Jared from school. After we picked him up, we’d be heading to the bowling alley! **image 4**

I’ve never been candle pin bowling before, so it was definitely different. So of course, I got beat by everyone. **image 5-12**
After bowling we headed over to Lori’s parents house while Kenny (my uncle) went to run errands. We even got to eat pizza for dinner! We headed back home and just relaxed for the remainder of the night. Abigail even made us some yummy food in her little kitchen. **image 13**

We had the girls put into bed and acting well, but then Lori came home from work and now they’re wild. Hopefully we can get them back into bed sort of soon! **image 14-15**
Finally at almost 10, we got them to settle down just a little. **image 16**

Fun fact: I had a hoodsie for the first time tonight and got made fun of for never hearing of it before. I always just called them mini ice cream cups, but I had one tonight! Now we’re finally watching dancing with the stars! I’ll be taking on the challenge of babysitting the girls tomorrow so keep an eye out for that blog post 😉imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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