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An Open Letter to the Straight-A Student who got their first C in college

It’s going to be okay.

I was a fantastic student when I was in high school. I took harder classes instead of just taking what I needed to “get by”, I did all my work earlier than it needed to be done, and I had never had a C in a class in my entire life…..until I got to college. So this is for you, great student, who is in the same position as I am. It isn’t the end of the world, life will go on, and C’s really do get degrees.

When you get to college, you realize that not everyone is a slacker like they were in high school. You might have been a top student in high school (like I was), but when you get to college you realize that now you’re surrounded by your own kind and better. You aren’t the smartest in class anymore, there are people who are way smarter than you. It’s a huge reality check.

My first C in a class was my first semester sophomore year. My freshman year was pretty similar to high school so it wasn’t that hard. I knew sophomore year would be harder (cause it’s ALWAYS the hardest year), but I didn’t expect it to be as hard as it actually was. I was in my microeconomics class. I did great in my super hard high school econ class, so I thought “this wouldn’t be that hard”. Boy was I wrong.

I struggled the entire semester and was borderline between a C and a D in the class. Never in my entire almost 20 years of living have I struggled so much in a class. Come finals week, I needed to get a 68 in order to pass with a 70. I studied, cried, studied, ate lots of ice cream, cried some more, and kept on studying. I got a 68.8 on the final. I was so relieved to have actually passed the class that I didn’t even care that it was with a C. That was when I realized that it is okay to struggle and get a C every once in a while.

The world didn’t end, I didn’t become a stripper (although it was highly considered), and I didn’t fail. My GPA took a small hit, but then again it really is just a number. No matter what your GPA is, you still end up with the most expensive piece of paper you will ever buy. So take a deep breath, keep on doing your best and studying, and remember: C’s get degrees. Good luck!


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