2018 Vermont Trip

Day 1: Is it really a trip if everything goes according to plan?

Hello again!! We are back for yet another trip – this time during Spring Break! Since I’ve spent the last three spring breaks working the entire week, I figured I should enjoy my last one before I really enter the adult world and don’t get them anymore. This round’s trip we’re heading back to the New England area. The main goal of the trip is Vermont – which will start tomorrow – however, we started in many different places before that.

Originally, I was flying into Manchester with a layover in Charlotte (I typed layoff at first, can you tell I’m tired?). Last night, I got a notification saying that my flight to Manchester was cancelled and that I was rerouted to be going to Boston with a layover in Philly instead. So I wake up this morning at a bright and early 4:30am to make sure I have everything, head to the airport, and make my 6:40am boarding time. I had a whopping 3 hours of sleep prior so, to no surprise, I slept the entire way to Philly. When I landed I turned my phone back on to find another text from the airline… flight to Boston cancelled.

Since turning 20 and traveling on my own, I must say sometimes my own independence shocks me. I’ve never had a flight cancelled before let alone a connecting flight. Instead of calling my mom or someone first, I immediately went on the search for how I was getting to Boston. I found a flight heading to Manchester in an hour and quickly headed to customer service to see if I could get a seat on it. They told me it was a full flight but that they could put me on standby incase someone didn’t show up or other standbys didn’t need the seat anymore. If I wasn’t able to get onto that flight, I would be put on standby for a 6pm flight, and worst case scenario – I was confirmed for an 8pm flight. After getting all of that situated, I called my uncle, Jimmy, who would be picking me up. He already knew my flight was cancelled and had talked to my mom already (who also knew it was cancelled and was trying to figure out my transportation before I even landed (LOL thanks mom 😉 )

I headed to the gate and watched group after group board as I waited as patiently to find out if I would be in Manchester in an hour or if I would be sitting in the airport for another 8. Everyone’s names from the standby list keep getting called. The ladies at the desk are talking back and forth about how the flight is full, and I continue to anxiously wait while I’ve already convinced myself I’m not getting on this flight (prepare for the worst, right?). With my fingers crossed as tightly as possible and my prayers running through my head, the next name on the list was “Brittney”. Immediately I let out the biggest sigh of relief, then asked “Traudt?” just to confirm (since that would be my luck you know). She said yes, and I was happily on my way!!

In just under two hours, I landed in Manchester and was met with the wonderful chill of being able to see my breath! My uncle picked me up, and we spend the majority of the day searching for snow pants and a snow coat to wear while I snowboard this weekend. You’d think that coming up north around this time of year would mean that finding snow clothes would be a decently easy task… you would be wrong. Store after store, and lots of driving around, we landed all the essentials (except what’s being rented)! We then headed to 110 Grill for some dinner where I had Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese.. YUM!

Well, that pretty much wraps up today. It might not seem like much, but boy am I exhausted. It just hit 9pm, I’m showered and warm, and I’m probably heading to bed shortly after posting this. Vermont tomorrow! Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Day 1: Is it really a trip if everything goes according to plan?”

  1. It’s such fun to read your blogs about your adventures. Quite a differences between this one and your very first trip. Good luck with the snowboarding. Remember your not an olympian yet!!!


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